Our restaurants and bars meet all your culinary desires, topped with divine libations by the pool, beach, at dinner or wherever and whenever you please to raise a glass in celebration of your Cretan escape.


"GEA" Main restaurant

The best spot to mingle like the Cretans. Gather around the long community tables of this colorful spot and enjoy eating together like one big, happy family. Here, it’s all about the great variety of fresh, seasonal, farm-to-table vegetables, as well as some light meat options. The open kitchen allows you to watch spectacular live cooking in action, with special dishes being prepared just for you.

Open daily for breakfast & dinner

"MITATO" a la carte restaurant

The Cretan Lamb 
Crete is well known for its succulent lamb recipes — and this restaurant is devoted to honoring the island’s reputation! The menu is created with a “sharing is caring” mentality so most platters are better enjoyed by couples or group of friends. Indulge in a variety of local dishes from the traditional round grill and don’t forget to try the juicy lamb on a stick.

Open on selected days

" Cretamos" a la carte Gourmet restaurant

Tradition & Evolution 
Where tradition meets evolution — and where the beloved, traditional recipes of our Cretan grandmothers turn into artfully created dishes thanks to the culinary excellence of the restaurant’s master chef. Join us in celebrating the simplicity that lies at the heart of Cretan cooking, elevated to haute cuisine and paired with a fine selection of Cretan wines. Added bonus: the breathtaking views!

Open on selected days

"Platia" - Pop up restaurants

The "Platia" brings to mind that lively main square you’ll come across when strolling at a picturesque Cretan village. This is where life happens; everything is colorful, vibrant and exciting. Get ready for a culinary stroll across Crete — all in one place: sandwiches, mezze, gyros, cheeses and an endless list of local drinks. For a little kick or a caffeinated treat, stop by the small coffee shop. Pop-up shops of local restaurants, stores and happenings offer you a one-of-a-kind experience from all over the island. Always wanted to dance like the Cretans? You’ll have your chance: there’s folklore dancing lessons, live music and so much more.

Open daily


"zeno" Lobby Bar

An explosion of taste awaits you! The finest liquors Crete has to offer, such as raki infused with local ingredients like farm-collected honey, berries and grapes, are here to tantalize your taste buds and lift your spirits. Don’t miss the raki flight, a must at this easygoing lobby bar: a tray of different local raki varieties served with matching snacks, like the inventive rose-water raki paired with a rose-water cake.


Bar by night

When the night comes, it’s time for your inner cosmopolitan to come out and play... and just get carried away in this energetic, dapper and buzzing bar. The drinks are also buzzing, with ingredients such as caffeine or sparkling wine giving you a cool kick and the energy you need to dance the night away. Whether with your date or your friends — the ones you came here with and the ones you’ll make along the way. After all, we’re all on this majestic island together!


"euphoria" Pool Bar

The perfect spot to enjoy the fine art of… doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing. From our signature cold refreshments using local herbs from the island to perfectly executed frozen daiquiris and margaritas to help you cool down, we’ve got everything you need for a day well spent by the pool.


"Sphere" Snack Bar

Enjoy precious family time by the Aqua park and rediscover your long lost inner child! This is the best place to escape (with our without children) and embrace the fun, healing qualities of the water. Put on your bathing suite and a big smile and just forget about adulthood. Life is just a big splash! If  all this activity makes you hungry, we’ve got a great selection of delicious, totally tempting snacks.