The cretan flavored spa ritual

Slip into the world of Cretan culture through the healing properties of the herbs and a range of pure Cretan ingredients we will use in this unique ritual.

You have the opportunity to create your own personalized therapy in an interactive way. Meet the precious goods of the Cretan land, such as olive oil, Cretan crocus and the herbs and essences that will be our allies in this journey of relaxation and well-being

A Beauty Bar full of pure ingredients will be there to choose through different textures and flavours what suits you the most for your own botanical escape.

We focus on herbal therapies to activate the senses. Following the tradition of the “Cretan spa,“ we boil 40 herbs in a new clay pot and use the essence in baths. Our luxurious spa menu includes activating massages and indulging treatments.

We warmly welcome you at the spa with the ritual of a mini “Cretan Spa“ — enjoy a warm, damp cloth aromatized with herbal essences to rub your skin and breathe in the activating herbal oils.

Personalised Cretan package:

  • Full body scrub
  • Full body mask
  • Cretan massage