Fresh, transformational, & uncomplicated

Classic & Signature herbal treatments to activate your senses.

Let your mind, body, and soul embark on a journey of pure relaxation at Pure Senses spa; a journey that will soothe and calm all of your senses.

The Pure Senses Spa treatments and activities are based on the wisdom of ancient Cretans-Minoans and the small wonders from Crete’s nature. Pure Cretan herbs, essences, and produce become the building blocks of rituals created with your wellness in mind. Dittany, aladania, virgin olive oil, carob, aloe vera, raki, honey, Greek yogurt, Cretan crocus, are all valuable allies in your quest for beauty and relaxation.

Discover our unique Spa Menu and learn how you can co-create your own, customized Herbal Rituals. Enjoy a cleansing steam bath at the Cretan hammam. Finally, seal this magical experience of wellness with a cup of herbal tea and treats found exclusively on the island.


For a personalized and rejuvenating spa experience, simply contact us by email at or visit our website (spa link) to view our spa menu and receive assistance from our team.


Take your wellbeing to the next level with our state-of-the-art gym and daily fitness and yoga classes in a holistic environment.


Ø Allow the ambient, relaxing music, combined with sounds like the rustling of leaves from the nearby trees, to set a welcoming soundscape.

Ø Treat your sense of smell to the unique scents of Cretan mountain herbs.

Ø Let your sense of touch to be soothed by a unique massage experience that uses the purest ingredients to maximize your relaxation and well-being.

Ø Take a slow sip of Cretan herbal tea, packed with antioxidants and health benefits, for a holistic wellness experience.

Ø Close your eyes… and just surrender.


The Pure Senses Spa area includes:

2 couples suite

2 dry treatment rooms for massage and facials

2 wet treatment rooms for body treatments and exfoliations

Cretan hammam

Steam Room and sauna


A Cretan-flavored spa ritual for your every beauty and wellness need.

Slip into the world of Cretan culture through the healing properties of herbs and the pure Cretan ingredients used in this unique ritual. You’ll have the opportunity to co-create your own personalized treatment. The secrets in this journey of relaxation and well-being? The precious goods of the Cretan land: pure olive oil, Cretan crocus, wild herbs and essences.

A Beauty Bar full of pure ingredients will be there for you to choose, through different textures and flavors, the combination that suits your own botanical escape best.


The Minoans, one of the first producers of herbal cosmetics in the world, created perfumes and herbal tinctures in specially designed spaces; the ancestors of today's cosmetic laboratories.

The products of this treatment are based on rare Cretan herbs and contain concentrated, natural ingredients that, thanks to their strong antioxidant action, last long without any chemical preservatives. Due to their oily base, the skin becomes naturally smooth and nourished, maintaining constant hydration without blocking the pores or weighing down the skin.



Aromatherapy uses the power of essential oils to soothe and treat the face with a relaxing massage. Depending on the needs of your skin, we can create a personal recipe just for you. The main essential oils used are the organic pure extract of aladania (labdanum) and dittany which are the most important Cretan herbal products ever exported, both dating back to the Minoan period. These powerful herbs were popular throughout the Mediterranean region, used as a cosmetic solution for strong hair and to combat skin problems.



Enjoy a full body massage with raki —the nectar Of Crete— and extra virgin olive oil. The warmth of Raki combined with the olive oil will offer you a sense of deep relaxation and a smoother, softer skin.



Enjoy a relaxing and soul-aligning massage with herbal stamps (pouches) filled with the traditional Cretan mixture “sarantavotano” (“forty herbs”). Sarantavotano is a mix of forty endemic aromatic plants with a range of healing or tonic properties.


(recommended for couples)

As the product is melting, its aroma fills the space activating your senses and the massage becomes a unique experience. The Beeswax Candle Massage contains pure beeswax and unique dittany and cistus flower extracts that treat the skin, provide hydration and leave you feeling silky smooth. Precious essential oils from fragrant flowers and herbs like jasmine, rose & lavender give a sense of rest & relaxation to your body.


After each treatment, guests will be served authentic Cretan mountain tea.