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Sustainability at Troulis Royal Collection


We at The Troulis Royal Collection are fully aware of our responsibility towards guests, employees, local community and environmental issues. We are totally committed to improve a sustainable development that includes “reduce – reuse – recycle”. These are crucial cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and effort towards sustainable operations.

We support the conservation and protection of the landscape, wildlife and historical resources near the property which is our paramount priority over all regional and general projects.

We strongly believe that every business, big or small has the chance to bring positive change, and with the common effort we are able to build a more sustainable future for all.

Troulis Royal Collections possesses an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy to address global challenges outlined by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our ESG strategy has 5 core pillars:

1.Planet (Environment)

We recognize the critical importance of preserving the planet Earth for future generations, therefore we apply the strategy of responsible water and energy consumption throughout our hotels, resource-life optimization, conservation and technical innovation.

We are set to move beyond take-make-use-dispose approach to consumption, with circular systems that reduce demand for scarce natural resources, design out waste and pollution, and extend the material life cycle, thereby reducing waste.

We grow herbs and vegetables in our resorts’ gardens that supply amount of produces for our own bars and restaurants, use family harvested local olive oil throughout our outlets, encourage waste free culture in our menus.

2.People & Culture

We create respectful working environment for all employees regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, accessibility needs or culture.

We ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees and guests, create learning and development programs to support and encourage our staff to reach their full potential.

Our Corporate Wellness strategy aims to create an enriching and creative environment for all our employees that have daily access to: complimentary meals, accommodation and transportation, training and mentoring, Employee of the Month Award, in house staff gym, discounts in hotel shops and Spa.

3.Responsible Supply Chain And Supporting Local Businesses

We advocate and embed ethical, inclusive and responsible production and procurement strategies across the supply-chain, support local small Cretan businesses, food & beverage producers, amenities and uniform suppliers, encourage our business partners to reach our company’s standards.

4.Ethical Business

We are committed to operating to the highest ethical and human rights standards and acting with transparency, corporate and social responsibility, and technology ethics. We thrive to the transparency of our business policies and practices by meeting all relevant legislation and applying best business practices throughout our operations.

5.Community Impact

We actively and constantly support the needs of local community and implement initiative to raise awareness to its needs. The impact on the local and wider community is created by the series of various events and charities, blood donation days, historical and cultural activities, support of local artists and creating platforms for their performances and exhibitions, engagement of local people and businesses, supporting environmental initiatives (beach & road cleaning, caretta caretta turtles nest adaption, donations to non-profit organizations and local churches).

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